You can get consultations from our experts by writing a letter to us via e-mail:

You will receive advice or technical solutions for any technological problems on convenient terms, inclusive with the arrival of our specialists or our operators’ complete control of drying processes in your chambers, including stacking, loading into the chambers, unloading and storage of lumber.

The main topics for which you can get advice:
– Drying equipment,
– Drying technology for different sawn timber,
– Workability of paint stations and stands, paint chambers,
– Thermoclimatic chambers,
– Heat supply, heating and cooling systems,
– Thermal insulation and thermal insulation systems,
– Power supply systems (including autonomous ones),
and others

Different levels of consultation are available:
– General awareness,
– Medium details,
– With deep detailing, detailed elaboration of solutions,
– Field and other options

Our clients receive advice on any issues for free, during the entire life of the kilns & chambers

In 90% of cases of problems with drying of wood – the reasons are hidden in a critical violation of even the basic technological discipline.

In most cases, with self-manufactured cameras, or low / medium equipment, the problems are complex and multilevel.

For a guaranteed solution to problems, it is often necessary to obtain the most complete and reliable information that owners, managers or even technologists or service personnel may not possess.

If you have enough experience to recognize and describe the causes of problems, or the results of your kilns that do not satisfy you, you can come to us for consultations and we will certainly help you to find the best solution.

If you do not have enough experience in assessing the processes that occur in your drying chambers or in drying systems – we can perform a full survey of your equipment and an analysis of its capabilities and the appropriateness of using the equipment or process.