Design and manufacturing of energy-saving, economical drying kilns GEFEST convective type (including condensing ones) for high-efficiency drying of wood in soft mode;
Complete equipment and installation of drying facilities for existing premises for the installation of stationary chambers.
Designing of complex technical solutions, implementation of energy and heat supply systems for facilities.

We produce:

  • Drying kilns for timber;
  • Drying kilns for thermal modification of wood;
  • Drying kilns for firewood;
  • Drying kilns for lamella;
  • Systems of economical heating, heat and power supply

We produce according to individual projects:

  • Paint-drying chambers;
  • Painting chambers;
  • Climatic chambers;
  • Steaming chambers;
  • Food drying kilns;
  • Retorts for charcoal burning;
  • other special technological equipment

We provide consulting services:

– Drying kiln’s device;
– Technology of high-quality drying of various types of wood;
– Modes of conditioning of wood;
– Rational use of the board and work piece;
– The behavior of wood in the product when the temperature and humidity of air change;
– Device content and the equipment of painting chambers;
– Modern technologies of manufacturing and finishing of joiner’s products.
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 GEFEST drying kilns adapt to the following energy sources:

– Firewood and wood waste;
– Diesel, gasoline or liquid heating oil;
– Natural gas;
– Coal and other solid fuels;
– Electric energy;
– Energy of the Sun.

Engineering solutions of GEFEST developers’ which are helping you in your work, and also save energy resources and your money:

– Exclusive recuperation systems GEFEST RHE (in the standard factory configuration of GEFEST DKA+ drying kilns, or as optional additional equipment for the GEFEST DKA drying kilns). GEFEST RHE provides an additional opportunity to reduce the waste of thermal energy, with the operation of drying kilns, 2-3 times;
– Special Energy-saving designs of the cases of drying kilns;
– Heat-storage system of daily storage of thermal energy (the boiler works only 4 hours a day);
– Balanced thermal engineering system of drying kilns;
– High-grade software and hardware with exclusive firmware modes of timber drying;
– Control system of the technological process of drying (does not allow spoiling timber during drying);
– Individual adjustment of the control system for the technological process of simple rocks’ drying for untrained personnel.

GEFEST drying kilns and the technological processes that we supply with them, ensure:

– Defect-free drying with preservation of color, physical and mechanical properties of wood;
– Effective consumption of heat energy and electricity in 2-3 times less than in the best similar drying kilns of European production;
Quality drying of specific lumber:
– Lamellas of hard rocks with a thickness from 4 mm,
– Oak timber up to 250x250mm,
– Cylindrical log,
– Really “soft modes” of drying without the use of heat treatment (steaming-humidification), that is, in the drying process, only the moisture that is in the wood is used.
– Firewood and other materials;

Warranty obligations
– 1 year for equipment of kilns’ series DKT, DKB, DKA;
– 2 years for equipment of kiln’s series DKA+;
– 10 years for hulls.

With the purchase of an additional after-sales warranty service package, the warranty is valid for the duration of the package.