The main series of drying equipment GEFEST:

GEFEST DKA — Industrial drying chambers for wood with the lowest energy consumption in the process of drying wood, which, according to the level of energy consumption, belong to the energy efficiency class “A”.
GEFEST DKA drying kilns have the shortest payback periods  (PP) and a high return on investment (ROI) due to the low consumption of expensive energy and the high quality of lumber drying.

For drying kilns of the DKA series, it is possible to optionally install GEFEST RHE recuperation systems immediately upon manufacture, or later, during operation.

GEFEST DKB — Series of industrial drying kilns for economical drying of wood. GEFEST DKB – Comfortable cameras for economical and high-performance work. In the design and manufacture of the series included the possibility of further upgrades to further reduce power consumption.

GEFEST RHE — The heat energy recovery system developed by the GEFEST Engineering Center specifically for use with industrial drying kilns.

The system reduces energy consumption by 2 times.

Optional for installation on a series of cameras GEFEST DKA and DKB.

GEFEST DKF – Specialized industrial drying kilns for high-speed drying of firewood. Available with built-in boiler module in volumes on 8, 12 and 22 cages (respectively – 16, 24 and 44 stacked cubic meters). The inner covering is stainless steel.

We provide modern technologies of high-quality drying of wood and full technological support.
We teach your staff special techniques for working with drying chambers and wood – you do not have to lose their own money due to their own mistakes!

Price for drying kilns for wood (in €)***
10 23 400* 19 500*
20 39 000* 32 500*
40 58 800**
60 73 800** 67 200**
100 89 400** 82 800**
Price for drying kilns for firewood (in €)***
8 cages (16 warehouse meters), mobile 39 100*
12 cages (24 warehouse meters), mobile 58 600*
22 cages (44 warehouse meters) 106 000**

* —  Price of full factory readiness for shipment,
** —  Price with  installation at the place of installation and operation,
*** —  Due to the constant rise in prices for materials and components, the cost is subject to clarifying.

For clarification of information on non-standard or non-common kilns volumes – please, contact our specialists

Individual series of GEFEST drying kilns:

GEFEST DKA+ — The most energy-efficiently drying kilns. Energy efficiency class — «А+».
Specially developed by engineers GEFEST LLC set of kilns, which works with high efficiency at record low fuel consumption.
DKA+ has pre-installed GEFEST RHE recovery systems by the factory.
Warranty – 2 year for equipment, 10 years for the chamber.

GEFEST DKT — Specialized series of drying chambers for quick but high-quality drying of wood.
The construction of this set also takes into account the possibility of their further upgrading in order to further reduce the cost of energy.
Warranty – 1 year for equipment, 10 years for hulls.

GEFEST RWC  charcoal retort kilns.  GEFEST RWC are made for projects on an individual orders.

The GEFEST drying kilns DKA+, DKA and DKB series are manufactured in all major volumes.
The GEFEST drying kilns DKT series are manufactured in volumes from 60m3

Our customers receive with kilns defect-free drying technologies, which had been tested over the years of operation, with a guarantee of high quality products.

We also provide full technological support to our clients:
You do not have to learn from your mistakes — just follow our recommendations.